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Simple guide to preforming magic:

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First I'll explain the higher self. Each one is unique. I believe that most of the HS beings are mobile in a higher dimension. As you eat food, you eat up links between lower and higher levels of being. Anyone who eats food has an HS or more than one HS. You can ask your HS to do things for you. It will hear you, even if you can't hear it. The easiest but also a good form of magic is prayer. Besides saying simple or complex prayers to your HS, you can also send info up into other spirits. Your HS can transmit the information, or your lower self can do it. Both the HS and LS/body need development, and with time they become more strong when the right exersize is applied. Some souls retain allot of HS as they have lives. Other beings may have their HS merged with each other HS, or they even can have it merged with their lower earth body. So anyways, prayers are the first easy form of magic. Soul eating is another one, but it's way easier and simpler than you would expect. You can pull usually small amounts of HS out of grass, dirt, trees, rivers, metal, etc. Each thing generates a small quantity of high self / astral matter / will. You can pull it into yourself by wanting it, and by sending out your will. The purpose of this material universe is to generate higher energy. It should not be a surprise that HS resources exist in the base earth worlds. If your body is advanced enough, it can hear your higher self, too. That is probably how most ESP works, but that is one of the more difficult subjects. I just wanted to post about some of the simplest forms of magic.

Magic explained

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The base of all magic is union. The common idea today in the west is that magic isn't real. This is probably for the best, since people who do believe in magic can at times go on witch hunts or become insane with paranoia of people cursing them. It's one of the easiest and also the hardest times for magic. The reasons why I claim magic is union, are these:
[1] - we are a part of reality, not sepret from it. Since we have self control, we have reality-control. The stronger this reality manipulation is, the more surprising magical feets can be accomplished.
[2] - union is the only way one part of reality can effect another.
[3] - the soul is the great union. This makes it very hard to destroy. The soul is the binding agent which keeps a soul in a specific realm. And the soul is also the basis for most magic.

Magicians are born more often than they are made. I'm sure of it. This post only applies to a tiny minority in human culture. Despite this, I'll try to explain magic right now.

The first union is being. You come from a unification of existences. This is how creation works. One element meets another, then they form compounds. With allot of time it can become sentient. There are allot of sleeping beings, but there are also awake beings. The deepest form of union is soul. It is reality mergers. Demonic possession is when a bad soul merges with a body. At that point, the bad soul probably knows how to jump from body to body. Some people can project, some souls have claimed human hosts and destroyed the original soul. The world is a crazy place, but what is even more crazy is that people don't know it. The average person doesn't know they have a soul, they don't know what a soul is, they don't know that the universe is a crazy place. A key mark of fallacy is the idea that things make perfect, 100% sense. In reality it's not perfect at all. Sanity is doubt. In the doubtful state, we are open for change. In the state of non-doubt, we put up a wall which nothing can go passed or through.

Successful magic means basically that you get more energy than you give. It's anti-entropy. That is the only way it can exist and grow. For example, an energy based vampire can absorb energy in a way larger than what it takes to absorb that energy. If the act of assimilation took more energy than it gave, it would not exist, ever. Magic is allot like eating food, except we eat reality, and after assimilation our inner, personal reality and soul is better off. The soul is allot like a gate, because of its union it is a pathway between worlds. I believe that only certain kinds of souls can do evocations, for example. Allot of people would disagree, but I think it requires a specific unity that only a certain soul will have. I think every soul is different from the others.

That's basically it.

Some philosophical confusions:

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Some philosophical confusions:

First I would like to quickly denounce the sophists. In this case, I mean the people whom are able to win crowds, win arguments, and win appeal like in a beauty contest, while themselves are at the same time not truthful beings, but instead are simply skilled politicians. To me politics and sophism may as well have the same name, sophitics or poliphism. Whatever, that is a little joke. The art of persuation is a thing itself, unlike the species 'truth', they are both animals, but one is of a different species, and anyone who loves the process of recognition would choose to differenciate the two. When persuading a person or persons, sometimes the fastest way is by appealing to a weakness in their mind or their personality. Guilt is one, fear is another, and there could easily be made a list. The sophist will use philosophical confusion that already exists in a state, then to which ever gives him or her the most favor, they will flip flop on chairs and positions. The politician today is the actor, which is the meaning of the word "hypocrit". Images can "captivate". Sensations can "captivate". Even the vile human being can captivate, and appear pure, good and true, even though on a more fine and subtle level, the human being is a stagnant infected mass of chaos. The sophist constructs a castle and walls of word images, semi logical programs, associations, a web, with this purpose of appealing to a certain kind of audiance in a certain kind of way. Demand sharply effects many aspects of capitalism. The capitalist media appeals to certain forms of demand. If the masses were to suddenly become more healthy and tasteful, what they would demand would also shift, from crap to quality. This simply is not the case, but I wish it were. The sophist is like a single cell of yeast entering a mass of grape juice. It is like a single match on a large pile of dry wood and dry grass. Now whom is truly at fault? It seems at first that the yeast and match start up a chain reaction of problems, but if the thing was not primed and ripe for this form of change, it would also not happen. Being corruptible produces being corrupted. One simply always follows the other. This is why the sophist and the foolish listener gravitate towards each other. Each is drawn in, and the end result is mass confusion, which at its appearance seems like knowledge, virtue, even holiness and divine nature. Now if you have seen the history of holy things, you will see that there is little difference between the gods and the devils.

Wisdom and unwisdom.
There are many numbers of things which people in general can become confused about. Much of it comes about through short thinking. I have described this already. For example: pidgeon holing: shoe horning: what this means, is basically we try to fit an apple inside a small cube, or we try to fit a small empty cube over top of an apple. In the process, we mash the apple. The essence between wisdom and non-wisdom is logic and rationality. These qualities and natures come up to assign meanings and goals. The goal here is to preserve the apple. That is life. It is like preserving a baby. That is very much all of life. Now, good philosophy means wise life. In general society, the wisdom with life is low, to the point where someone would ask "what is the meaning of life?". The question itself is a sign of a lack of wisdom. Nature does not always bestow a shell over the skin of the eye. Sometimes she will, but over half the time, she wont. Preservative wisdom, this is like a protective shell, it is like a magnifying lense, it is like a element, like an enzyme, it is like a neuro transmitter. That is what wisdom is. It is like these many things, and it can only exist because of nature, because nature holds every curse and every treasure. One is here, and one is there. We are born in a semi random area, some are born here, some are born there. Some are born near wisdom, some near pleasure, some near disease, some near power, some near weakness. The nature of birthing is what determines the despense of wisdom. This is why the wise should not hate the unwise, or at least they should only hate wisely, which itself is very different than an unwise hate. Wisdom is not the enemy of life. Wisdom will not militarize a war with itself. It needs not. Wisdom profits from its own existence constantly. Wisdom is the act of giving the apple to a woman and she gives you two better apples than the one she got. This is how birthing works. The birth is the two applies. One had to be sacrificed, there had to be interactions and such, but the result is bounty. Nature holds all bounty and all poverty, but she prefers bounty. Wisdom can be seen most often near bounty, and where ever there is a war torn land, a lack of bounty, there has also been madness, foolishness, unwisdom.

Both good and bad things can make you stronger. Too much of either of them can destroy you. But the actual getting stronger and better part, that is what the wise want. The wise want to become better living things. Some of the unwise also want to be better, but because they are unwise, they do not know what is better and what is worse, so they are like a person who has no taste, and they eat unwisely. The wise watch as many eating as they can, before they eat. They hesitate, they remember, they compare, they question. These are signs of wisdom. Some of the unwise say that bad was necissary, since it lead to strength and power and overcoming. Maybe in a way it was necissary, but only because there was no other better options. If there were better options, efficiency would flourish. Conflict is like friction. It is not an efficient machine. It is a natural machine, but, it is not the best machine. The wise would realize many machines, and choose the best. That may not be the most efficient in every way, but efficiency itself is a virtue.

The immortal cancer.
You have your form of power. You can overtake, you can convert, you can assimilate, but where is your peace? Where is your harmony? You seek and flourish in disharmony. You profit from hate and death. Your wild fire, it is always more thirsty, as it drinks thirst itself. That is your nature, the immortal cancer. You reside near an abundence of useless words. You will take the form of your host and your slave. You are always changing form and shifting between the downfalls of orders. You catch a part of the blood when it escapes its body. You the thorn, loving the release from a dieing star. Your love is also changing, it changes its shape, it has no integrity. It will do anything to get its next meal. Your twistedness, for you have no form, you twist around forms and things. Then they go down, they are consumed, they fall away. Imagine an eternal and completely fair business, this is not where you are to be found. Imagine a river which forever flows, but you want something else, something which cannot flow. The business is happy in its eternity. All that it requires to exist is fair exchange. This is what you've come to hate, and so you are the enemy of fair exchange, of fair process, of essential fairness. The immortal cancer is the empire of error. It attracts the most imbalanced thing.

Only the wise understand a larger portion of the fair. Justice: it has been a place of corruption at times, but it was meant for anti-corruption, anti-disease. Justice will only succeed if it is wise. If it were a brute, if it were simple, what would it then be? The eutopia is simply a just world. It is something that must be made by a mass of wisdom. This dream of beautiful perfection.

In a world of unwisdom, even a small measure of wisdom is gold. The gold is kept close and protected. The last thing it wants is to return to the foolish.

Wisdom is its own sense. It is a sense for other senses. It is like a symbiote. It makes life better. It makes life healthier. It has a cost to exist, as does everything, though, and this cost is the act of care, attention to things, memory, analysis, good estimation skills, etc. When we search for wisdom, it is to be found around the senses of some sorts, if we want to find it in persons. Wisdom is one of the mind's workers. This worker, it knows mainly its work, and it wants to do more and more work for as long as it can. Life wants to keep living. The mind wants to keep thinking, feeling and learning, even though there is a sick mind too, and soon after it is the immortal cancer.

Becoming wise is like being born and growing up. There is a deep connection between the nature of birthing and the nature of wisdom. Some types of wisdom are marked by silence. Some types of wisdom is marked by an endless stream of art and science. Both are their own breed of wisdom. There are many species of wisdom. Wisdom has its own organs of this or that function and size.

I have said all this, to try to clarify one word, "wisdom", which is a part of the meaning of philosophy.

The next big problem with philosophical confusion is reality. What is reality? Why is it? How is it? And how can we know, or why can't we know? The two major positions are that there are knowable and not-knowable things. But we can know what is not-knowable just the same as we know that if we simply will it we cannot fly. Yes airplanes can fly, did you really think I didn't know that? I mean, just suddenly being able to fly, it doesn't happen. We know it cannot suddenly happen and be. I call this negative knowledge. This is one of the most abundant forms of knowledge that I can conceive of. We tend to realize what is impossible once, then we start to ignore it and go on to the next work. The workers of the mind seem to see impossibility as easy to spot. It doesn't take long to realize it. So there is a focus on other things. Is the knowing that something isn't existent a form of knowledge? I would think so. The next is sensual knowledge. All this is is memory of sense processes: the memory of the mind's work and its parts. Some people claim that in the world of senses there are sense-able true, absolute objects. Some people disagree. I consider this to be one of the many many philosophical confusions. Remember negative knowledge. Is an object possible or impossible? What are the odds of it being possible? We can predict the weather. Not perfectly. But we can. It gives us hope in daily life to think you know something. You feel like a real person. It makes you feel like you are a part of life. Affirmation of knowledge, is belief. Belief and hope are similar species, even though they are fairly different too, but one needs the other. So hope is positive belief and estimation. The problem with all this is that we are human. We can try years of mental acrobatics but only learn a tiny amount of sensual knowledge compared to what is out there. Some believe that sensual knowledge is the lense by which we can see the real world. Other people say that because sensual knowledge is mind and sense, an object is too foreign to its nature, it will be missed or may even be impossible. Sensual knowledge, when you think about it, it really is a huge thing. There are more than a million life events that you remember. You are sensing and seeing all day for years. The world of sensual knowlege is a very big world, but this is just earth. Imagine the other earths too. Also, it appears that sensual knowledge can bring us and guide us into getting what we want. It's like a tool. Wise sensual knowledge brings about the best life, and unwise sensual knowledge is miss-application of life and what it consists of. The foolish are gamblers, for they see not, then they still do. The foolish have the disease, where in the inner worker of wisdom was born dead or deformed. I am not claiming that reality is consciousness and mind. No. If it were mind, we should be able to talk to it somehow. Reality is alive only as a mineral is alive. A very slow reaction to itself and what it is in the range of. Knowledge is chaos. It is formed by random forces and happenings which can be predicted sometimes, but chaos made knowledge, it is made out of chaos. Appearant 'disorder'. We come through life trying to get things, or maybe some try to figure it out. All life forms try to nagivate chaos in order to aquire food. They were doing pretty good until this whole human population thing happened. I would have liked it to be like the humans get free energy technology and try to move all animals and plants to a new better planet, or make up some thing to protect the earth from the eventual destruction of it. That is just a dream. People are incredibly fucked by nature, and also some of them blessed greatly by nature. Nature is the infinite random yet non-random. The whole birth of reality was chemistry and consequences of odds. Self aware knowledge is chaos-aware. This means we know of order and disorder both. But the order stuff, the random yet non-random, we use that for life.

Through luck and effort we become wise, then we realize and are not philosophically confused. Meanwhile, the masses are philosophically confused, to some degree. Sometimes a large degree, sometimes a small degree. I can't snap my fingers and it's all fixed. If we had been careful with who was allowed to reproduce, ever since the start, things would be different, but what we are experiencing right now in this very moment, is a history of philosophical error. It means suffering, waste, destruction, death, miss-guidance, blindness, soul destruction. Just as wisdom is a reward to the wise, unwisdom is a curse to the unwise.